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This document forms an integral part of Nestlé’s UN Global Compact (UNGC) Communication on Progress, together with:

A report summary Our Annual Report


CSV section

of our corporate website

Our reports are made available online at

, where you can also find:

More detailed information on our management approach and governance structure;

Additional information on human rights due diligence;

Our performance data;

Case studies; and

Additional audio and video content.

Our UNGC Communication on Progress, Human Rights Reporting Framework and GRI Index are available as separate pdfs, and can

be downloaded from the

data performance centre .


Nestlé in society: Creating Shared Value 3 A message from our Chairman and our CEO 4 Our positive impact on society 6 Building on Creating Shared Value 7 Why is CSV important for investors? 9 Our contribution to the global agenda 10 Driving innovation: The Nestlé Creating Shared Value Prize 11 Accountable and inclusive governance 13 Business ethics 15 Public policy and advocacy 16 Materiality 17 Responding to stakeholders 22 Our commitments 24 Our key performance indicators 28 Nutrition, health and wellness 31 Our nutrition, health and wellness strategy 32 Offering tastier and healthier choices 35 Inspiring people to lead healthier lives 48 Rural development 74 Our rural development strategy 75 Enhancing rural livelihoods 78 Responsible sourcing and traceability 83 Water 94 Our water strategy 95 Caring for water 98 Environmental sustainability 108 Our environmental sustainability strategy 109 Acting on climate change 112 Safeguarding the environment 118 Human rights and compliance 132 Our human rights and compliance strategy 133 Human rights 136 Compliance 147 Our people 152 Our people strategy 153 Why our people matter 156 Building a safer, healthier workplace 162 Appendix 173 About this Report 174 Bureau Veritas’ Independent Assurance Statement 176


Nestlé in society2016

Nestlé in society



Nestlé in society – Creating Shared Value and meeting our commitments 2016