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The 2018 CSV Prize

The application process for the 2018 Nestlé CSV Prize will open in 2017 when, once again, we will be

inviting applications from innovative businesses and social enterprises.


our website

for details of our simplified application process, screening and selection criteria, as well as updates on

previous winners and runners-up.

For more information, see the

Official Rules

and our

Frequently Asked Questions


Runner-up: Natural Extracts Industries (NEI), Tanzania

Pioneering the sustainable extraction of vanilla

Natural Extracts Industries ,

a social enterprise from Tanzania,

was selected as the 2016 CSV Prize runner-up for pioneering

the sustainable production of natural flavour extracts from

vanilla, cacao and orange.

Working with farmers and co-operatives, NEI helps build local

capacity through sustainable agricultural practices such as

agroforestry, intercropping, drip irrigation and composting.

It has also developed manufacturing operations that add value

to the products supplied by smallholder farmers.

NEI plans to invest the CHF 200000 prize money to expand

its network of smallholder farmers and maintain the subsidy

scheme it introduced to reduce barriers to entry.

Our business model is predicated on creating

value for business and community alike. On the

business front, we offer customers a natural

product that follows the global clean-label trend.

And for the community, the incremental income

received by farmers enables women and youths

to succeed without having to migrate to urban

centres, where they may not even find

employment. The Nestlé CSV Prize will bring

us additional financial strength and credibility.”

Juan Guardado,

Co-Founder, Natural Extracts Industries

Watch a

short video

about NEI’s work.

Nestlé in society – Creating Shared Value and meeting our commitments 2016